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Medical Consultations and Reviews /Billed per Hour

Medical Consultations and Reviews /Billed per Hour

from 650.00

Medical Consultations and Reviews are billed at a rate of $650/hour. For up to 8 hours of review, one time retainer of $3200. For non-clinical career consultations, reviews include resume review, c.v. review, cover letter review, job opportunity reviews and how to seek new non-clinical careers and realistic appraisals. For non-clinical career consultations, the minimum retainer is for two hours of review [$1300.00]. Online payments are only accepted through PayPal at this time. Please respond via email if alternative methods of payment need to be made.

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Dr. Trigg has been a speaker at three of the annual SEAK conferences for non-clinical careers for physicians, speaking about pharmaceutical positions available. During those educational sessions and during the mentoring sessions that he has provided at those meetings, he has reviewed the types of available positions in the pharmaceutical industry, how to seek them out, the anticipated pay and benefits, those positions that require relocation vs those that may not require relocation, the different specialties, and the view that in general the pharmaceutical industry views that a well trained, well educated physician is able to learn the basics of any new specialty.