MET Development


Specilized Medical & Pharmaceutical Consultations

Areas of Medical Expertise


Stem Cell/Bone Marrow Transplant Consultation

Based on 30+ years of experience as a stem cell transplanter for children, adolescents and young adults and director of 3 different stem cell processing laboratories (University of Wisconsin Medical Center, The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and duPont Hospital for Children), Dr. Trigg can provide medical record reviews and assessments as to indications and centers of expertise.                                           

Protocol Reviews and Revisions

Based on almost 40 years of experience writing and reviewing protocols and treating hundreds of patients on protocols, Dr. Trigg provides an exhaustive experience reviewing protocols at various levels of development for consistency and completeness. Such reviews will include protocols at the Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and post-marketing Phase 4 levels.

Treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic/Lymphocytic Leukemia

With 30+ years of experience directing and formulating national and international treatment protocols for pediatric and young adult patients with Acute Lymphoblastic/Lymphocytic Leukemia, Dr. Trigg will provide record reviews and assessments as to indications and centers of expertise for initial treatment or treatment of resistant/refractory disease.                                                       

Bacteriophage Treatment of Serious Infections

As Chief Medical Officer of Adaptive Phage Therapeutics and earlier career research in the use of bacteriophage, Dr. Trigg provides reviews of available clinical experience worldwide on the use of phage to treat multi-resistant/refractory significant infections unresponsive to available anti-microbials.

Medical Affairs Consultation for Pharmaceutical Industry

Based on 11+ years working with the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of Oncology, Infectious Disease, HIV and Hepatitis C Medical Affairs, Dr. Trigg will provide insightful reviews of materials for use with multiple levels of health care providers and consumers, compliant with FDA related regulations. In particular, Dr. Trigg provides experience with the use of checkpoint inhibitors and other immune related therapies.

Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians

As two-time speaker at the national conference on “Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians”, Dr. Trigg provides experience and expertise for those in the medical profession interested in pursuing a non-clinical career, particularly after lengthy times in clinical positions. Dr. Trigg had a 30+ year clinical and academic career and then with 12+ years in the pharmaceutical and drug development industry.